Stunning Memoir!

mKeepers of the Story

Micah Springer

Out now

Amazing, absolutely stunning! Oh my heart, Micah Springer for memoir laureate of the US!

After eagerly awaiting my copy of Keepers of the Story from her Kickstarter (where she gathered the support and early buzz to make it possible for her to publish the book), I read this debut memoir in 1.5 days, and had to write a thank you to the author when I finished it.

The love story in it is so big, so powerful that somehow I felt like it was written to encompass all of us (that’s how expansive it is). The writing is dreamily poetic, and the themes spiritual (I can’t believe this is her first book)—but it’s accessible for anyone who’s ever journeyed in this life. It has two parallel narratives: one about her yearlong backpacking trip in her 20s through Africa with her bestie, and the other story details the intimate relationship she has with her tribal, nomadic African lover (I’ll tell you that much, but I can’t spoil it for you!).

I read a lot, and memoir is one of my favorite genres. The storytelling in Keepers of the Story shares pages with: Cheryl Strayed, Elizabeth Gilbert, Sherman Alexie, J.R. Moehringer, Amanda Palmer, Boyd Varty, J. R. Moehringer, Elizabeth Alexander, and Lawrence Anthony. Her deep reverence for nature and commitment to seeing the complexities (and simplicity) in sustainable tribal communities left me weeping at times.

I told someone today who likes films, that it’s The Eagle Huntress + Wild + Lion, in Africa.

It’s funny too! The traveling duo survives aggressive street gangs, countless insect attacks, and travel mishaps with a sense of humor (and a shit-ton of grit).

Did I mention there are wild animal encounters—of the endangered species variety?!

And lastly, the deeply personal intimate scenes are entrancing, unlike any I’ve read.

Bonus: it’s 100% eco-printed, that’s how dedicated the author is to trees and raising awareness around sustainability.

Decades after the events, the story is very much alive—as the author is still involved with the nomadic family she writes about. To know this is a present-day unfolding wraps all the readers into the tale and something much larger than ourselves.

This book might burn fiery embers of great action inside of you. It did for me!


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