Mystery in Paradise

51alemlehrl-_sy346_Cocoa Beach, Beatriz Williams, William Marrow, out now

The cover of Cocoa Beach looks like a romance cover, and the first few chapters may lull you into a false sense of security, but that is misleading. The book is actually a complex and convoluted mystery.

The story is set in prohibition-era Florida. After the failure of their war time marriage, and her husband, Simon’s subsequent death,  Virginia travels to Florida to wind up her late husband’s estate for the sake of their young daughter.  Simon’s family welcome her and Cocoa beach seems like paradise, but something darker lurks behind it.

The constantly changing plot line and characters make the book impossible to describe in any detail without giving something away.  Just know the book will draw you in and when you reach the end you will be surprised!

I liked this book for all the twists and turns that kept me reading.  Great beach read.


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