Two Exciting Reasons to Look Forward to May 23rd!

9780316300339_custom-cf58feed68113b4b88a6be1d9634a35f0ab929f7-s400-c85The Boy on The Bridge, Mike Cary, Orbit, out May 23rd, 2017

I’ll admit upfront to being a little sick of zombie novels, but there’s always an exception. This is the one!

The Boy on The Bridge a prequel to the events in The Girl with all the Gifts, and is set in a future England in which disease is killing people, or turning them into zombie-like creatures. Society is all-but-broken down, but there is still hope. The few groups of healthy people left, including some scientists, some military and regular people, are battling to survive, but are still searching for a cure. There is also a newly-discovered group of half-breeds, half humans/half zombies, who seem to be able to reproduce. Only one person is able to communicate with this group: an autistic boy.

This is a very good zombie tale with a difference, in that it shows a route to the future rather than final extinction of life as we know it, which is an all-too-common ending for zombie novels.  For adult or older teen readers.


dragonteeth-cover-liveDragon Teeth, Michael Crichton Harper, May 23rd, 2017

An exciting page-turner set in 1876 in America’s wild Western territories and woven around some of the events in the lives of early paleontologists Edward Cope and Charles Marsh and bone hunter Charles Sternberg.  A young student from Yale, William Johnson (a fictional character), finds himself caught in the middle of a conflict between the two great paleontologists of his day, Cope and Marsh. After making a historic discovery, William is in danger from all sides.

Think of this book as a type of Western using science as the vehicle to visit the landscape and people. It’s extremely entertaining, in pure Crichton style, but it’s also well-researched and fascinating. A great read for travelers.




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