Short reviews for all ages

9780062356260A Piece of the World, Christina Kline, William Morrow, out Feb 21st

A Piece of the World is an outstanding read by the author of Orphan Train.

The book is a mixture of fact and fiction, telling the background story of Christina, the girl shown in Wyeth’s painting Christina’s World. I will never view this great painting in the same way. The story is both complex and simple, as are the characters and the painting. It is about time and place and another dimension that is humanly eternally and universal. For me, it is about the desire to be known, to be seen; and the blocks from within and without that isolate.

I found the writing to be gorgeous. Surely one of the best novels of 2017.

9780544570979The Playbook, Kwame Alexander, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, out now

This is an outstanding book of philosophy, inspiration and life truths, wrapped around the world of sport. Alexander really knows how to communicate with teens who want to understand themselves and achieve goals in life. An exceptional book of wisdom.





9781524642426A Pact With The Living, Dan Eberhart, Author House, out now

A good read from local author, Dan Eberhart. This is a Colorado-based novel that tries to make sense of the impact of Vietnam on the lives of ordinary Americans, as we follow a protester, a loved one and a soldier, whose devastated lives need repair after that “damned Asian War”.

I found it easy to identify with all the characters and the ending reflects much of how I have experienced differing people making peace.



The Orphan’s Tale, Pam Jenoff, MIRA Books, February 2017

In World War II Noa lives in disgraced poverty after being forced to give up the baby she had with a Nazi. On impulse, she rescues a Jewish baby from a train and flees. They are taken in by a circus, where, in order to blend in, Noa must learn to take part in the flying trapeze act. She finds rivalry and then friendship with Astrid, another trapeze artiste. But is it a real friendship? Who can you trust?

Good read.




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