Larry’s quick reviews for all ages—new in February!

9780316391283The Evening Road, Laird Hunt, Little Brown, February 2017, on our shelves now

This is one for readers of fine literature. Hunt’s attention to writing left me amazed at his skill.

Set in Indiana of 1920, this is the story of two women and a lynching. Most of the story is about Ottie Lee Henshaw and her stifling existence and then Calla Destry, seeking her escape from violence. I’ll admit that I enjoyed Neverhome more, but literary readers will enjoy this book.


9780425284155Gilded Cage, Vic James, DelRay, February 2017

In an alternate steam-punk-style England, commoners must serve ten years as servants (essentially slaves) to the Equals, aristocrats with magical gifts who hold all the power. Siblings Abi and Luke are serving their time; Abi as a servant in an aristocratic house and Luke as a slave in a rough industrial town.

Abi is falling in love with one of the sons of her aristocratic family and Luke is learning the power of revolt. They are discovering that some Equals want to maintain the system, while others want to bring an end to it. But who can they really trust?

With the predominant class wanting to maintain slavery for economic reason and social stability, while others want to abolish it, this book raises historical issues of freedom and social unrest, along with its mystery, magic and romance.  First in a promising series. Grades 7 and up.

9780399175534Crazy Messy Beautiful, Carrie Arcos, Philomel, on our shelves now

When you’re named after love poet, Pablo Neruda, what else do you do, but look for that one great love? 16 year-old Neruda thinks he’s finally found it in Callie. But love is more complicated than words. Neruda needs to learn that love begins with seeing people for what they are and appreciating them. The love he wants begins with friendship. I like the realism of this book. Grades 7 and up.


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