Two Good New Books for Historical Readers

9781250105158An Eagle In The Snow, Michael Morpurgo, Feiwel and Friends, January 2017

A terrific read for middle graders. Morpurgo again takes a true story and weaves it into a novel. Two young soldiers, one British, one German come face-to-face during WWI. And the British soldier’s actions have consequences that reverberate all the way through WWII. (I suggest everyone read the foreword and  afterword first to prepare for the fiction what may have been a true event).

The book is on par with every big title that Murpurgo has written.

9780062475466The Midnight Cool, Lydia Peelle, Harper, January 2017

A really good adult historical novel, again based on reality–the use of mules by the US  during WWI. American mules from KY and TN were sought around the word during WWI, a war carried on the backs of mules. This a story of a mule trader, star crossed lovers, early feminists, small towns, economic strata, and the myth of working hard to become whatever, or whoever, you desire. It is also about the destructive force of untold truths and the restrictions of small towns that can slowly strangle all.

A very good novel for those who like historical fiction.




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