Larry’s Last Picks of 2016!

fc9781501160486And Every Morning The Way Home Gets Longer And Longer, Fredrick Backman, Simon and Schuster, Atria, on our shelves now.

By the author of A Man Called Ove, this story is one of the most beautiful books I can remember reading. It is about life reaching its conclusion with the mind slipping away. It is a call not to allow fear to reduce us in the end, after having fought that fear for many long years. In a few pages, this novella gives us the support of wisdom and the importance of contact with a love that allows us to know we have been seen and will always be seen. A great little book.

9780544570238Black River, S. M. Halsey, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, on our shelves now

Winner of the adult Reading the West award, this interesting novel is set on the Northwest coast. Carrying his wife’s ashes, Wes, an ex-prison guard, returns to his small hometown where the man who held him hostage during a prison riot is now up for parole. But there are more issues that Wes must confront in his hometown, including his stepson, and before he can move forward, Wes must confront all his fears. A good story and character study.

9780765382672The Rains, Gregg Hurwitz, Tor Teen, October 2016, on our shelves now

This is a near perfect combination of alien invasion, zombie attacks and an unknown disease destroying humans. And, of course, only teens and the young can save the world! In this case, that makes complete sense as only teens have immunity to the disaster sweeping the earth—but it turns out that immunity will not last.

The book combines creepy suspense with plenty of action. The core characters are brothers and the girl they both love, bringing an extra dimension to their relationship and romance.

This is the first book in a series, so the ending does suffer somewhat from not being as tied off as I would like. However, the book is so good at what it does, that I can forgive that and feel that it’s worth the hardcover price, rather than waiting months for the paper version. Older YA. Love interest but no objectionable scenes.


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