Quick Reviews for All Ages – Out Now!

9781481445627Spy Ski School, Stuart Gibbs, Simon & Schuster, on our shelves now

The latest book in the popular Spy School series takes place right here in Vail, Colorado. Ben is back at school on another daring mission with Erica and still hoping he will not mess it up. He’s getting better, but he’s not there yet! This time they are on the trail of a Chinese crime boss, and what better way to get to him than through his daughter––who just happens to be at ski school in Vail?

Fun is a big part of this middle-grade read—and adventure with humor is always hard to beat!

9781250086617The Guineveres, Sarah Domet, Flatiron Books, on our shelves now
An interesting coming-of-age (adult read). Four girls, who share the same unusual name, find themselves in a French convent school. Each has been sent there for a different (horrible) reason, but all four want to escape. Only three will manage to do so.

Part of the girls’ education is learning about female saints who had, to say the least, tough existences, and it’s fascinating as a reader to learn their stories, interwoven with the girls’ pasts.

A contemplative read.

9781501121142The German Girl, Armando Lucas Correa, Atria, on our shelves now
A tale of life and death as a group of German Jews try to escape the war on a ship bound for Castro’s Cuba.

When a twelve-year-old girl receives a box from an aunt she has never met, she starts to uncover a family history she has never been told. Before the war, Hannah Rosenthal had everything she wanted. But she is Jewish and by 1939 her life is under threat. With family and friends, she boards the SS St. Louis, lured by the promise of a safe life in Cuba. But then rumors spread that they will not be as welcome as they think.

A very good story, well told, and which pictures life as a continuous walking “through the valley of death”.  There is always some hope for the future, but that hope can be thin. Based on a true story, this is a book that is hard to forget. An adult read.

Lost in the Pacific 1942, Tod Olson, Scholastic, October 2016
An exciting read for fans of the ‘I Survived’ series. This is the story of the crew of a US bomber, who were given up for dead when they crashed in the Pacific. The crew included Eddie Rickenbacker, who was on a secret mission. This book is a good account of how all but one member of the crew survived to be rescued.  Grades 5 – 9.


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