Victorian Sorcery

9780553535907A Shadow Bright and Burning, Jessica Cluess, Random, September 2016. On shelf now.

Excellent alternative history set in a Victorian London where witches are considered evil and society wants to abolish magic. To save a friend, Henrietta Howel uses her powers to set herself on fire, and reveals herself to be a witch.  She expects to be executed, but instead she is hailed as the first female sorcerer in hundreds of years and becomes one of a select group being trained as royal sorcerers. Henrietta is hailed as ‘the chosen one’, destined to defeat the demons who attack society.

But Henrietta has doubts about her status as the chosen one, and she may well be right.

Demons, monsters, magic, teen saviors, adventure, romance and more! Society is changing and that’s never easy. The writing is very good and the intrigue moves the story along fast.

First in a series, for  7th grade up (low levels of violence and sex)


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