Call to Horror

9781338045611The Call
Peader O’Guilin
David Fickling Books, $18.99

Ireland banned the Sidhe (magical creatures) to a dim and awful land many generations ago. But now the Sidhe have discovered a crack between the worlds – one that has allowed them to cut Ireland off from the rest of the world, and, worse yet, steal Ireland’s teenagers. It’s called The Call and what lasts three minutes and four seconds in Ireland lasts a full day in the land of the Sidhe, where the defenceless teens are hunted to the death. Only a handful survive to return to their homeland and most survivors are injured or psychologically damaged beyond repair.

In a world where survival is unlikely, even if you have both strength and speed, how is Nessa, with her legs twisted by polio going to survive? At the school where she and her peers learn the skills that may or not save their lives, she is nothing more than a joke. As her friends are taken, one by one, Nessa’s Call gets closer.

This brilliant book combines horror and myth, plus a dash of Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, but darker. Much, much darker! A plot that moves at headlong speed (partly because so many characters are killed off so fast!) strong characterization and dark humor, combined with bloodthirsty drama and nightmarish horror. This is definitely older YA and should also appeal to adult readers. Did I say dark? 


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