Pirate Adventure for Adults

9781770899452The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan by Robert Hough, House of Anansi Press – on our shelves now
A historical fiction on the grimy side of buccaneer adventure. I have not enjoyed a pirate adventure in decades, until I read this! Although fiction, the battles, major events and political maneuvers are all real In the 1660s,  Henry Morgan was a ruthless privateer for the King of England and when young thief, Benny Wand, is deported to Port Royal, Jamaica, he falls in league with him. At first the two are friends who match wits over the chess board, when not on raids. But they become enemies as Morgan descends into corruption after early  combat victories, through the death of his old mates and the destruction of Port Royal.
 The book is philosophical as well as full of battles and adventures. It’s a great look at the period of the Caribbean privateer and the raw lawlessness of Port Royal.  Good for adults and older teens.

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