Quick Reviews for All Ages – Out Now and Coming Soon!

The Square Root of Summer
Roaring Brook
On our shelves now
A good teen summer romance. Many similar books are around, but what sets this one apart is the smartness of the main character, plus a hint of fantasy. In some ways, a perfect romance for geek girls and I love the book for this alone! Romance is great and romance has pitfalls…
The Bourbon Thief
Tiffany Eeisz
Coming July 2016
A good bodice ripper! The history of Bourbon and Kentucky has a place in the story but this is mainly a summer beach read for adults.
Another Brooklyn
Jacqueline Woodson
Coming August 2016
Another way-above-average book by Woodson, this time for adults. It’s a wonderful look at life’s dangers and possibilities through four young black friends in 70s Brooklyn. The description of characters, time and place put readers right into the story. How Woodson writes so fully with a minimum of words is a wonder to behold. This is a dynamite book.
Key Hunters: The Mysterious Moonstone
Eric Luper
On our shelves now
This is a first and second grade chapter book mystery. The story has two friends transported to old London where they help a young dedicative save his career and rescue their favorite Librarian. All return to their proper era safe and sound. The book has mystery but is not really scary and the book is a vocabulary builder. Good fun.
The Secrets of Flight
Maggie Leffler
William Marrow
On our shelves now
A good, satisfying read. An eighty-year-old lady, a one-time pilot, relates the story of her younger life to a teen who also loves flying. Tis is about dealing with your secrets and taking second chances when they are offered.

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