Past and Present

9780062390165300 Days of Sun, Deborah Lawrenson, Harper, April 2016 – Review by Larry

Simply a very good read! The characters are well developed, the pace keeps moving and it is a good blend of historical fiction with contemporary consequences, including a novel within a novel.

The past… A family leaves Germany for Portugal to get away from the Nazis. The marriage fails and the woman marries a non-Nazi German, who works against the Party  in Portugal. It’s not an easy position to be in and it ends in disaster, when a child is kidnapped as a threat.

The present… A young man studying in Portugal meets another student and a romance begins.  Is this the boy that was once abducted trying to find a hidden life, or is he a fraud?  Is the German Nazi strain continuing still in Portugal?  Can romance survive secrets in one lover’s thoughts?

Among other things, this book has me wanting to visit Portugal. Wonderful entertainment and thought provoking on power and politics.


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