Honor in War

9781629794655Scar by J. Albert Mann, Highlights, April 2016 – Review by Larry

This is an excellent historical fiction centered on the Revolutionary War and the Battle of Minisink fought in New York State, when the local patriots were crushed by Mohawks in league with the Tories and British.  Many years later, only scattered bones remained – and one sepulcher, for a young patriot.  Why was this youth signed out for a burial of honor? Scar creates a story around this mysterious sepulcher.

Noah longs to go to battle, but an old injury prevents him – until war comes to his front door. His daydreams of glory cannot hold up in the face of the reality of death. Injured, he cares for a dying Mohawk named Scar, trying to be honorable to an honorable enemy.

Most of the characters in the story are real and a few pages at the back of the book outline their lives.

I think this is a very good read for grades 6 and up.  The publisher considers this suitable for grades 4 and up, but I think older children will handle some of the content better.


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