Losers Win

9780374301361Losers Take All by David Klass, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, published October 2015 – Review by Larry

Loved this Y.A. book !!!

Klass’s last novel, Grandmaster (now out in paperback and not to be missed), took on the issue of excessive competition as damaging, along with the issue that most teens have no real idea of their parents lives and how this can limit relationships.

In Losers Take All, Klass continues investigating the role of competition in high school culture. This time Klass uses athletics and in particular football, and he also takes on the issue of bullying.

In this story, Klass portrays a high school that is more interested in football titles than academics, and in which the more studious toil through daily life as ‘geeks’. A new principal, who sees bullying as a method of creating character, demands that all of the high school’s seniors must be on a sports team to graduate.  A group of bright and sarcastic student geeks create a soccer team, dedicated to losing and undermining the competitive culture – but their approach ends up attracting attention. Of course, there is love story and a fine one it is; one this old Dad would fully support!

As with other Klass books, the relationship between parent and teen plays a crucial role and again done with insight and lightness. A good male or female read for grades 8 and up.

Do every teen you know a favor and gift this book to them or buy the title for yourself!  


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